Lost and Found

Just a few minutes ago I went to my bag to retrieve my sketchbook so that I could scan the sketch that I did last night. It wasn't in the pocket in my bag that I thought it should be in. I recently bought a new bag and I haven't quite figured out where within it the sketchbook should live yet, so I dug around inside thinking that I must have stuck it in a different pocket the last time I had it out. No luck. I did notice that where I usually keep it was unzipped though... I looked around the area where I had placed the bag coming in tonight, thinking maybe it had fallen out. Still, no luck. I went back through my day. I hadn't sketched since last night. I hadn't taken it out of my bag at work today. There was no where it could be. I checked coat pockets, and a few other unlikely areas, just in case, but things were looking bleak. There were two possibilities at that point: It had fallen out of my bag in the office... or it was lost. I've been really good with my sketchbooks. I am currently on my fifth Moleskine and I've only lost one, that being lost when I lost my entire bag, not just the book. Just as I gave up though I picked up my phone to check the time and noticed a voicemail from a private number. I called and there was a young girl telling me that she had found my sketchbook on the train this morning, and wondering if she could meet me to return it. Moleskines have a section on the very first page to fill out contact info in case the book gets lost, and I have habitually filled them out, just in case. It seems that in this case it worked. It is too late to return her call now, but thankfully I at least know where it is, and that it is on the way back to me!

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