October 12 of 12

It's that time of month again, to participate in Chad Darnell's 12 of 12 project. To see the other participants go here.

About a year ago when I joined the forums at Podcacher I was surprised to find a community of people there who participated in the 12 of 12, but who didn't cross post their shots to Chad's blog. Since then I've been posting in both places. This month the hosts of the Podcacher podcast, Sonny and Sandy, set all of us a challenge, not only to participate but to set a theme for ourselves. Not a problem, I've done that before, and I knew instantly what I wanted to do.

All of my shots this month are taken with a technique called "Through the Viewfinder." The idea here is simple, you use an antique camera, the type that has a large viewfinder, and build a rig so that you can focus on the image in the viewfinder and use that to take your photo. There is an entire group on flickr devoted to pictures taken this way.

I had an old Duaflex IV sitting around that used to belong to my grandmother, so this morning I built the rig and here are the results:

Ted did his best to imitate the tintype portraits of yore when he posed for my first shot with the rig. I didn't have the heart to tell him that Duaflexes were from the 1950's not the 1850's.

Kid Flash had left the house early this morning to run a half marathon on Staten Island. I vaguely recalled when he left that hadn't been able to find his wallet so he took my emergency Metrocard and all the money I had in my wallet so that he could get there and back. Around noon he called to inform me that the Metrocard had only had 50 cents on it, and that all the money I had had amounted to $3. With a $2 fare to get to Staten Island spent, he was now finished with the race, and stuck downtown with no wallet and no way to get home, so I set out to rescue him. After meeting him at the ferry terminal I decided to spend some time wandering around downtown seeing the sights. Here is the Brooklyn Bridge, you can see underneath it the art project "New York Waterfalls" that was installed earlier this year. It has been received with mixed reviews, and is being blamed for some serious environmental impact (the saltwater mist it creates has damaged lots of trees nearby.)

Three dresses outside a shop downtown.

While I was in the area I decided to grab a geocache that I had been neglecting (this one). It started at Trinity Church and wove around the financial district.

Also nearby was South Street Seaport where I took a few minutes to admire the old tallships that they have on display, as well as saying hello to some of the local wildlife.

A shot passing one of the myriad of parks downtown. I walked from the Battery all the way to City Hall, (plus the side trip to the Seaport) before deciding to hop a train for a while.

On the 6 train, not my normal line at all. Even with a 15" tall cardboard contraption, and my large camera, no one paid any attention to me at all.

I had originally been intending to go to the East Village today anyway, to the area around 1st Ave, and 1st Street. I needed some ingredients for a recipe that I had been wanting to cook, specifically fresh Curry leaves, and I needed an Indian grocery in order to find such. This place smelled like heaven when I entered, a million different spices and scents. Besides the curry leaves I grabbed several other spice mixes, some chai tea, a chutney... I really love the ethnic groceries that are available here.

Of course I couldn't be in this neighborhood and not stop in another of my favorite stores Toy Tokyo. They sell art toys, collectibles, and of course toys imported from Tokyo.

After that I walked over to Astor Place to catch a train back up towards my neighborhood.

The hallway in my building. I went up, dropped off my bags and goodies, then came back down with my recipe to buy ingredients.

On the way back to my building from the grocery store. The recipe turned out to be delicious by the way. I modified it a bit, cut down on the amount of chile, skipped that whole bit about the toasted rice flour... but still, and EXCELLENT choice for dinner, and one I'd highly recommend.

See you next month!

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