Where's the Nearest Lenscrafter's?

Dear god... Sarah Palin wears the same glasses as me. Or at least from the same designer (Kazuo Kawasaki), since hers seem to be a bit... pointier at the corners of the lenses. Ugh...

Of course, I am naturally horrified that this photo of me has been published without the proper retouching and airbrushing. I mean, really... look how dark the circles under my eyes are, and you can see my pores! This is a clear slap in the face.

3 Response to "Where's the Nearest Lenscrafter's?"

  • Ajo Says:

    Oh, yes, it's horrible. Why, you look . . . what is the word? "Human", that's it: "Human". Good heavens, what a travesty. If god had meant photos to reflect reality, she would never have invented Photoshop.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Can I have your glasses for my Sarah Palin Pumpkin?

  • libhom Says:

    You can always buy new glasses, but Sarah Palin can never buy a facial expression that isn't deranged.