Things I've Learned

Things I learned this week:

•Lumber yards in Rhode Island inexplicably stock white pine in 8' or 16' 2x4 lengths, but not the 10' that I would have found useful. 8' was too short... 16' I couldn't transport.

•Once again lighting designers prove to be some of the single most infuriating people on the face of the planet. Three times in my life I have actually felt the real urge to do physical harm to someone. All three times it was a lighting designer.

•12' x 24' is not enough space to house a 27 piece orchestra, especially if it includes a tympani, a harp, and a 400 lb french horn player. 14' x 24' seems to work.

•The scope of work of a project will always swell to fill a budget. If I have $1000 I'll spend $1000. If I have $10,000 then I'll spend it, even if my initial estimates were less than half that. Something will happen... like maybe adding 2 extra feet to a platform meant to house an orchestra.

•Amtrak seats are utterly impossible to get comfortable enough to sleep in. I do however appreciate that they have outlets available by the seats.

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