12 of 12 of 12

The last 12 of 12 for this year! You can check others' contributions at Chad Darnell's blog. But for now let's see what I got up to today!

An unusual morning in that I was actually awake and leaving at the same time as Kid Flash. Usually he is out the door 2 or 3 hours before me, but he was going in late, and I had an early conference call, so we had the rare joy of a train ride in together.

During the conference call. This project is a ground up design, something VERY unusual for me. We are literally designing everything, the theatre, the scenery, the infrastructure to support the show... everything. We are about 2 years out on the opening of the show, but there is still a TON of work to do.

Headed out for lunch, I spotted one of my favorite people in the city, The Peeler Man. This distinguished British gentleman has been here, on this corner of Union Square for years selling vegetable peelers that he imports from Sweden. He has a great patter with the crowd, and sells the hell out of these simple peelers. he has been written up in everything from the Village Voice to Vanity Fair. A very cool cat.

At the other end of Union Square is one of this year's Holiday Markets. NYC puts up these booths in three locations around the city where a lot of local artisans and craft people set up to sell their stuff to holiday shoppers. A fun thing to look through, though some of the stuff can get a bit expensive.

Lunch, from Moaz, my favorite new place downtown.

One of the things that we have to do for this big project is to build a model of the theatre that we are designing. While we have a TON of model supplies tucked into various corners of the studio it seems like we are lacking exactly the pieces that we need to get this thing built... so here I go running about the city searching for 1/16th" brass rod, and 1/32" brass flat stock. Ugh... not an easy task.

After work I did a touch of shopping on my own. My holiday shopping is 95% done, but there are still a few lingering things that I'd love to find. 5th Ave (at least in my neighborhood) is decked out with red lights in all the trees.

In my own neighborhood I decided that it was finally time to get our tree up, so I dragged KF down to the tree stand on the corner to shop for a little shorty tree. We don't have a lot of space for a tree, so I decided to get a small one and place it up on the breakfront in the living room.

KF Freeing our little house guest from his little plastic net.

Ted is a bit... distrustful... of the tree. Last year he was in my other apartment where we didn't have a tree, so this year is his first real experience with having a tree in the house. We've lashed it to the wall, just in case he decides to go climbing.

For the past three years I've done themed trees, so the theme this year is elephants. I've found a ton of cute little elephants in various ethnic dollar stores and around, and a few in K-Mart, and Target. This one is one of my absolute favorites. Snatched him up at a dollar store in Chinatown a week or two back. He's SO cute!

And the final tree decked out! Isn't he cute all dressed up?

Check back tomorrow for my 12 of 12 Year In Review, where I pick my favorite shots from each month this year.

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