Proceeding Apace

December is scarily well under way... I was reminded of that today when I went to the window of my office and realized that it was nearly full dark. At 5:15. That's my least favorite thing about Winter north of the Mason-Dixon, how early it gets dark.

A theme has been chosen for my Christmas tree, (elephants) and most of the ornaments have been purchased (it helps that we have decided to go with a tabletop sized one this year.)

I just completed the last of the new stockings, (I have made hand-made stocking stockings for everyone that will be at my home Christmas morning, a project three years in the making.)

I have one more major gift to find, for my mother, and shopping will be done. (At least for me, I may need to help Kid Flash finish his.)

On the 19th my office closes for "Winter Break" and I don't have to be at work again until January 5th. I'm looking forward to a few days of nothing to do.

The holiday is shaping up.

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