12 of 12: Year End Review

Another year is coming to a close, so I thought I'd go back and post my favorite shot from each 12 of 12 over the year.

Kid Flash and I were on a "School's About To Start" vacation in Washington, DC. This was my "subway" shot for that month.

My favorite flower, just randomly placed on the 14th St. A train platform. A welcome surprise as I believe it was snowing above ground that day.

I can't remember why I decided to crop my images to squares that month... but this is at the 6 train station at Union Square.

One of the entrances to the R station at Canal Street. I love the angles in this shot.

My desk at work. This crops up in my shots a lot of course. I had a theme that month, the color green.

My month of macros.

My friendly neighborhood wig street vendor. What? What do you mean you don't have one of those in your neighborhood? What kind of hell hole are you living in?

Another travel month, at the SC State Archives in the Microfilm viewing room. I love this lady SO much.

In Connecticut working on my set for Steel Magnolias.

All of my shots that month were taken through the viewfinder of an old Panaflex camera. It gives a great old fashioned feel to the photography.

Another set in progress shot. Sometimes I long for the days when I could have done such a shot just about every 12th of the month. (Other times I take a look at the economy and I'm thankfully that I can't.) My theme that month was "lights."

Another shot that I could probably do every month, since this is a bout a block from my office. I still love seeing it though.

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