My 2009 Resolutions

1. Stop buying lunch and start brown bagging.
I spent $10 to $12 a day on lunch from the various locations surrounding my office. When you combine that with the $2 to $5 a day I spend on muffins and coffee I am dropping about $75 a week to eat at work. This has to stop.

2. Another run at a blog a day.
Yep. I failed. But then we knew that months ago. Let's see if I can get it right this time, huh?

3. More sketching
Subway or otherwise. I simply need to do more artwork. It is an imperative.

4. Exercise
Isn't that on every single list like this all around the world? I'm probably 25 to 30 lbs heavier than I should be for my height and build. I hover between 190 and 200, usually at about 195. Some places put me at 160 as an ideal weight for my height and build, but I figure it closer to 170. I don't see where I could take 40 lbs off my frame and still look healthy. Plus which I have not had a regular exercise regimen since I stopped taking PE in 8th grade. That is just sad. Plus which, it can't really be healthy. I walk a fair deal of course, a bit more than a mile a day, but that isn't enough.

All in all... not much. The exercise will be the most difficult. The brown bagging is a matter of fostering a new habit, and sketching and posting is just being better with my discipline regarding something that I do already. The exercise... I have no idea where to start. Kid Flash of course wants me to run, which has little appeal to me. Or at least I tell myself it does, maybe that's the way to go. Maybe it's time to finally join a gym and start doing some stairmasters or ellipticals?

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