Christmas Haul

We had a great Christmas yesterday, the house was full of people, and fun. We had a great breakfast Kid Flash made an awesome cinnamon almond coffee cake, and we had a pot of bean soup that simmered all day until it was ready. We played board games, and drank wine, and just generally lazed about all day occasionally unwrapping a gift or opening a stocking. A really good day.

Rather than Photo Phriday, I thought I'd publish my annual rundown of Christmas gifts.

1. Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death (photos of miniature replicas of crime scenes used in forensics training in the '40s.
2. James Jean's Fables covers
3. Hiking the Road to Ruins
4. A Munny
5. Some trail mix
6. Some hand and foot warmers
7. Sumo wrestler calender stickers
8. A small painting by KF's brother
9. Handmade notecards
10. A cap gun and candy
11. A watermelon scented pencil
12. Pencil bag with cute superheroes on it
13. A cock towel
14. Geocaching goodies from my Podcacher Secret Santa
15. Pencils
16. Eraser
17. Silicone oven mitts in the shape of a dog and a crocodile
18. a Bento box
19. some fingerless gloves
20. Lemon tea
21. A silicone tea holder for loose tea
22. A Virgin Mary keychain
23. Gum
24. A metrocard holder
25. A tiny glass kitty
26. Some Hello Kitty cookies

and it is all sitting atop my spanking new light box!

I hope Santa was kind to you and yours as well.

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