Prepare Yourself

I've just spent the last hour watching every possible video I could find on Theo Jansen, a kinetic sculptor from the Netherlands who create these awe inspiring, jaw dropping sculptures of "animals" that move independently, completely under wind power. Some are simple and move in a direct transference of power from wind to movement, others use the wind to pump pneumatics that in turn move their legs. Regardless, they are amazing to watch.

If you watch the complete TedTalk that he gave a while back (which I HIGHLY recommend) he has even constructed rudimentary brains for the animals, so that they "know" when they have reached water, or land that they can't walk on, and can calculate the distance in between the surf and the dunes so that they know what their affective range is. All under wind and water power, no electronics or any other mechanism included. The man is just... a genius. So, so inspiring.

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