Chicken Police?

Our cats have been having a touch of trouble lately. They seem to be getting into far more squabbles than they were a few months ago, though admittedly it is beginning to calm down again. Maybe they were just riled up because of the change of seasons? Regardless, Kid Flash and I have been searching for a solution to the problem. I think that this video may hold the answer (though KF disagrees.) Just imagine instead of two rabbits, two cats:

2 Response to "Chicken Police?"

  • Ajo Says:

    You might try Feliway. It's like an electric air freshener, but with feline pheromones. We used it for Alex and Sally when they were new to the household.

    It's horribly expensive, but well worth the cost if it works. The sooner you try it the better, since it's hard to get the "bad" behavior changed once it gets to be a habit. We used it for several months, and it seemed to help a lot. Once everybody was feeling better, we discontinued using it.

    Our local Pet's Mart (sp?) honored the online price, which was half what they want at the store. I took a printout of the online page each time I bought more, which always eliminated any questions at check out.

    You'll need to buy the globular dispenser to get started (and maybe two of them, one for each end of the apartment -- check the square footage), but we have two refills I was just about to donate. If you want them let me know right away, and you (or KF, or both) can pick them up at Xmas. (They last from 3-6 weeks, if I remember correctly.)

    Potentially less expensive solution: Are you keeping the litter box really, really clean? Are there two boxes? That's kind of the other end of the spectrum in terms of convenience, but that can make a big difference in terms of feline stress levels, too, if two combatants share the same box.

  • Anonymous Says:

    I was going to try the pheromones myself when I first introduced Joey into the household, but it was far to cost prohibitive for me.

    lately there has been some extra acting up but I atributite it to the fact Molly is ten years older than Joey.

    I did the far less expensive of Tuna Juice and a locked bathroom, a few hours later they were licking each other without abandon.

    Of course when I tried taking pictures, Molly ran like I caught her doing something bad...

    honestly, I'm thinking the chickens may help.