The Chinatown Project

I've been collecting these Re-Ment figures, right? I've used lots of them as caching swag, but I still have a big pile of scale vegetables and things that really serve no purpose. (Other than making me happy.) So I've decided to combine this with my love of making miniatures and models, and make a model to use some of the items. The "Farmer's Market" set is one that I actually like quite a bit, so I decided to focus on that one.

I went down to Chinatown and scouted some of the fantastic vegetable and fish markets that set up on the sidewalks along Mulberry and Mott Streets, snapped a ton of research and reference photos. I am attracted to the age and grime on everything, the layer of dirty and history that covers Chinatown, and gives it its edge. My goal in the next few weeks is to recreate one of the vegetable stalls, modelling a lot of it myself, but also mixing in the Re-Ment elements, a few dollhouse elements, and a few other things.

My new hobby I guess... look for process photos soon.

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