Nov 12 of 12

It's the 12th, so it's time for the 12 of 12. Created by Chad Darnell as a way to document the 12th of each month with 12 photos. You can see other participants here.

I woke to a dead battery in my camera. I'm working on a show this week, besides my regular job, so I've been getting home between 2 and 3 every night, so I forgot to check the camera yesterday. So I was late getting started on photos this month. My theme popped up right away though, which I'm sure will become obvious soon. This is the lobby of the building where I work.

At my desk. Since this office was assembled prior to the internet there is a treasure trove of photo books and reference books all over the office. These are some of the ones above my work space.

Out to lunch I spotted a cool shot that fit in with my already emerged theme.

Scanning, scanning, scanning. I spent a good deal of my day sitting here watching that scanning bar move back and forth. This computer isn't quite powerful enough to handle this scanner so it scans in segments rather than one long sweep which REALLY slows the process down.

Union Square on my way to the subway to head to rehearsal. The sun was just setting and the sky was a gorgeous purple blue.

Spotted a way to get in both my theme, and my traditional subway photo.

At rehearsal. I posted a sketch of this set a while back, so it's nice to start to see it coming together. It opens Saturday morning, so just a few nights left to get it finished.

After the actors leave it is down to work doing finishing touches and detail on the set.

While above me the lights get focused and adjusted.

Backstage in the dressing rooms.

A quick break and I run out for a cup of coffee. This week of late nights is starting to wear on me a bit.

All right... my night is through, and it is time to head home. This shop is just around the corner from the theatre and gave me a perfect opportunity to cap off my theme, and this months 12 of 12. See you next month.

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