The Map of Hope

I promise I'll get off the politics soon, but the New York Times has some really rather fascinating features on their coverage map of the election. On of the things they have is a slider that allows you to see the voting shift over the last four elections. You can look at the US map broken down by county and as you move the slider you can see the relative shift of voters loyalties comparing this election to the previous four. Here is a screen grab of the four maps:

Look how much more Republican we seem as a nation when we compare yesterday and 1992, (that first map up there) the first Clinton election. But then look at how much more of a Democratic nation we seem than 4 years ago. Arkansas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma are the only real areas that increased their Republican votes compared to last time.

I've been living with KF too long... he's turning me into a stats geek...

2 Response to "The Map of Hope"

  • addisonbr Says:

    Just know that not all Republicans = crazy right wing religious fanatics! (Nor are all Republicans happy about the last eight years, or Prop 8 winning Tuesday, or etc...)

  • Cully Says:

    Nor do all Democrats=happy shiny hippie people. I know... I mean an awful lot of people who voted for Obama had to have voted for Prop 8 in order for it to get where it is. I don't paint everyone with the same brush.