For The Love of God


I won't go into the presidential election again, but if you'll indulge me one last time...

If you live in California I hope you'll consider voting NO on Prop 8. None of the nastiness that has been advertised about Prop 8 is true. Think about it this way... a NO vote on 8 means that there will be NO change in state law. NO change to educational law, NO change to law regarding religion, NO change in law regarding discrimination. A NO vote leaves something that is already law in your state just as it is and keeps the forces of bigotry and discrimination at bay. A yes vote ADDS discriminatory language to your state constitution. Consider this:

If you are from Florida please consider voting NO on Prop 2. The way that law is written it not only strips away the rights of gay couples, but it strips away the rights of anyone who has a domestic partnership or a civil union in the state of Florida, even straight couples. This is a bad, bad law.

I hope everyone will vote, and if you do don't forget to collect your free coffee, your free donut, your free ice cream, and your free vibrator.

See you at the polls.

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