Almost There

I've spent all day wading through HTML that I barely understand, (well... not ALL day, but a good chunk of it) in order to try and get my new template ready to roll out. Alas it isn't ready. I can't get the date on the thing to display properly, that is my last conundrum. So... for now you'll have to look at this one for a bit longer. Hopefully I'll have it resolved and be able to get it all set up soon. Which did I choose? Well... none of them. Notepad seemed to be the most popular, but when I went to download it I saw something better. Along the same lines as Notepad, but more customizable for me, which is what I have been trying to get finished. It is looking pretty spiffy. Hopefully I can get this date thing resolved and get it up.

UPDATE! Okay... I think I have it suitable enough for now. Interestingly I finally fixed the date problem in my test phase, loaded the template, and now I have a whole new date problem. Those dates are supposed to be displaying as tabs to the left, not as a headline like they are. Weird. Please let me know if you are having any trouble viewing anything on this page. The background under the text should be a cream color, that part gave me some issues as well. If it is green/blue then something is wrong. Please bear with me while I figure this out! Thanks!!

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