34 Animated Characters I Find Attractive: List 10

Roommate M has requested a list of 34 cartoon characters that I find attractive. (He actually phrased it in a less savory way... but let's just go with my version, shall we?) So here we are, the 34 most attractive men in comic books, comic strips, and cartoons.

1. Nightcrawler, of the X-men (especially as drawn by Alan Davis)
2. Tygra of the Thundercats
3. The Prince from Disney's Beauty and the Beast
4. Starman, Jack Knight from the DC Comic of the same name.
5. Skywise from the independent comic Elfquest.
6. Superboy, the modern one.
7. Kevin Matchstick from the comic Mage.
8. Milo Tatch of Disney's Atlantis.
9. Dmitri from Anastasia.
10. Dean McCoppin from The Iron Giant.
11. Tarzan from Disney's Tarzan
12. Fred Jones of Scooby Doo. (I don't normally go for blondes, but...)
13. Race Bannon of Johnny Quest.
14. Hawkman of DC Comics, (and the superfriends!).
15. Wilco of the comic strip "Get Fuzzy."
16. Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, not the one from Super Friends.
17. Hawkeye, from the Marvel Comics book The Avengers
18. Frank Mellish, the veterinarian from the newspaper strip "Liberty Meadows."
19. Kyle from the webcomic "Kyle's B&B."
20. Nightwing from DC's comic book of the same name.
21. Dante from the animated version of Clerks.
22. Nitz Walsh from the sadly defunct MTV show Undergrads
23. Peter Venkman of the Real Ghostbusters.
24. Eyebeam, from the unfortunately now defunct comic strip of the same name.
25. Roger Radcliffe from Disney's 101 Dalamtions
26. Shipwreck from G.I. Joe.
27. Cutter from Elfquest.
28. Abe Sapien from Hellboy. Yes, I know he's a fish. No, I don't care.
29. Hank the Ranger from the great 80's Saturday morning Realm of Dungeon and Dragons.
30. Bluegrass of the Silverhawks.
31. Colossus from X-Men.
32. Daniel/Dream from Sandman.
33. Beast from X-Men.
34. Craig Thompson okay, this one is cheating because he's real and just does autobiographical comics like Blankets, but this list was hard and I'm tired so there.

2/13/07 EDIT: I recently edited this list to remove all of the links to images. For some reason I began getting an inordinate number of hits from google images searches keying to the links. I did not have actual images linked, so I'm not sure what these searches were accomplishing, but I found them annoying so after 3 months of it I decided to remove the links. I apologize to anyone for whom this causes an inconvenience.

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