34 Rude Habits of Others: List 8

BFE Michelle has asked me to list the 34 things that strangers do that drive me crazy. Should be another easy one!

1. Testing various cell phone rings in public.
2. Standing stock still in the middle of an escalator, leaving no room for other people to pass.
3. Being unaware of how the backpack they wear, or the bag they carry changes their body shape.
4. Carrying an umbrella large enough to cover a patio.
5. Refusing to move out of the door of the subway car.
6. Walking 3 or 4 abreast down a city street.
7. Ignoring their children's crying.
8. Talking during a movie or show.
9. Stopping at the top of the stairs when exiting the subway to check a cell phone.
10. Or for any reason for that matter.
11. Forgetting to turn a cell phone off in a movie or the theatre.
12. Then pretending it isn't theirs when it rings.
13. Allowing car alarms to continue going off.
14. "Sharing" the music in their car with the whole neighborhood.
15. Eating strong smelling food in enclosed spaces.
16. Standing on a street corner yelling about God and Jesus.
17. Even worse when they do it in a subway car.
18. Chewing bubblegum (or anything really) loudly, or with an open mouth.
19. Perfume. A lot... a little... whatever.
20. Touching me, especially if they don't even know my name.
21. Honking horns in traffic. What exactly are you accomplishing?
22. Driving in the fast lane when you clearly aren't going fast enough.
23. Drivers who don't pull over for emergency vehicles.
24. Allowing your kids free rein of a public space.
25. People who clearly don't understand how a revolving door works.
26. When there are two stair cases you walk up the right side, and down the left... just like driving. What does it take to get you to understand that?
27. Figure it out before you get in line. Whatever it is... whatever the line. Know why you're in it before you get in it.
28. Don't call me by some sort of diminutive... Sport, Tiger, Buddy, Chief... whatever. Stop it.
29. Cell phones in restaurants. No one needs to be that connected. Shut up and eat.
30. People who are rude to service industry employees. Try doing it yourself.
31. Listening to headphones so loud that I can hear it as well. Who needs your tinny sounding sloppy seconds?
32. Move. And if you have to stop, get the hell out of my way. Move to the side!
33. How hard is it to wipe the crumbs off the table when you leave? Seriously, no one wants to eat in your mess.
34. Inside voices, please. No one wants to hear about the party you went to, or the boy you hooked up with. Shut up!

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