34 Favorite Movie Moments: List the 12th

Continuing my 34 lists of 34 things to celebrate my 34th birthday I have decided to list my 34 favorite moments from movies. These may not be the best movies, but these moments move me or touch me or make me smile and I could watch them over and over. With or without the rest of the movie.

1. Star Trek: First Contact Picard goes ballistic over the Borg with Lily. "The line must be drawn HERE! This far! NO FARTHER!"
2. Beauty and the Beast The Beast's transformation sequence into the Prince.
3. The Matrix Neo's helicopter rescue of Morpheus.
4. Singles Cliff finally says "bless you" to Janet.
5. Billy Madison Any moment involving Billy and the maid.
6. Good Will Hunting "How 'bout them apples?"
7. Auntie Mame Pegeen and Patrick on the ladder straightening the Ule Ulu sculpture.
8. Back to the Future Marty's radiation suit and walkman torture of George.
9. The Wedding Singer Robbie helps the geeky kid by getting Julia to dance with him.
10. Pump Up the Volume Nora rescues Mark from his parents suspicions by showing up in her underwear at just the right moment.
11. Groundhog Day Phil's first really "good" day when he comes close to getting Rita into bed, almost... almost!
12. Dave First Lady Ellen practices singing "Tomorrow" into her pillow when she can't sleep, the first hint that she's falling for Dave.
13. The American President President Shepherd's speech to the press corps when he decides to "send 454 to the floor."
14. Alien Veronica Cartwright as Lambert get's splashed with blood as the alien is born.
15. The Breakfast Club the truth or dare game.
16. Empire Records Renee Zellweger's Gina sings "Sugar High" on the roof. The version that SHOULD HAVE BEEN on the soundtrack.
17. Working Girl Trask asks Katharine to explain how she came up with the idea to buy a radio station.
18. Clerks Randal advises Dante to "shit or get off the pot."
19. Elizabethtown Drew faces the collected southern branch of his family for the first time.
20. Parenthood Dianne Wiest's Helen discovers that she is becoming a grandmother.
21. Brokeback Mountain Ennis rearranges the shirts.
22. Stand By Me Chris explains to Gordie the truth about the milk money.
23. Shakespeare in Love Will and Viola recite lines to each other in bed.
24. Amelie the man finds the box.
25. French Kiss Luc explains to Kate how to taste and appreciate wines.
26. Roxanne CB comes up with 20 better put downs for his nose.
27. If Lucy Fell Eric and Lucy discuss the "spit test" for potential mates.
28. Steel Magnolias "Here! Hit Weezer!"
29. Notting Hill "I'm just a girl... standing in front of a boy..."
30. The Incredibles Edna explains why she doesn't include capes in her designs.
31. Maurice Scudder visits Maurice in London.
32. Fried Green Tomatoes Ruth teaches Idgie to cook.
33. The Joy Luck Club Rose tells Ted that she wants a divorce, citing her mom's life story in the speech.
34. The Color Purple Celie's curse.

2 Response to "34 Favorite Movie Moments: List the 12th"

  • Michael Says:

    I love your list. From The Color Purple, I can watch Celie's reunion with her kids over and over and cry every time. I'm maudlin like dat.

    One of my all-time favorite movie moments is from The Last of the Mohicans when Hawkeye says to Cora: You be strong, you survive...you stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, I will find you!


  • Jessica Says:

    So agree with you about the version of Sugar High on the soundtrack of Empire Records!