New Roommates, New Neighbors

Roommate K moved out earlier this month. I'm sad to see him go. I'll miss standing in his doorway and discussing why exactly the newest Batman sucked, or what the hell they have planned to do with the new Blue Beetle. But he's moving on to a married life, so I'm happy for him that he found someone.

Roommate B-1 moved in today. Why B-1? I'll get to that... but she is just on a temporary layover until she moves on to her job as a third world medical practitioner at the end of the summer. In other words, my sublet while I am away. Thankfully she was able to move in early and fill the gap left by K.

Roommate B-2 is the permanent replacement for K that will be arriving in mid-June after I leave. He's a friend from grad school, a fellow scenic designer who just graduated and was looking for a place to land in the city.

All of this will mean some shuffling of furniture as the summer progresses. Roommate B-1 is taking K's room. B-2 is taking M's room. M is shifting over to my room while I am away, and ultimately into K's room at the end of everything.

Got all that?

I also received the news today that my friend Shima is moving into my neighborhood in a few weeks! This makes me very happy as I don't really know anyone in the neighborhood, and I certainly don't have close friends here. (At least not ones that i don't live with...) It also means that I will get to see her more often since this means that i won't have to ride almost all the way out to Coney Island to see her! The neighborhood is looking up!

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