34 Traits I Like in Guys: List 11

If I were able to call up the guy factory and place a custom order for the perfect guy... these are the 34 things I'd ask for.

I decided to divide this list into three parts, since I'm not sure I could do 34 things in either of these categories without getting incredibly picky and specific.

The Physical
1. A largish nose
2. Dark hair
3. Long, bony fingers
4. A furry butt
5. Muscular forearms
6. Light eyes
7. Thick eyebrows
8. A defined jawline
9. Looks good in white briefs
10. Nice shoulders
11. wears glasses

The Mental
12. A sense of humor that flirts with the inappropriate
13. Curious
14. Has opinions... and stands by them
15. Willingness to be silly
16. An appreciation for art and the arts
17. A mental playfulness
18. Absolutely comfortable in his own skin
19. Decisive, to balance my indecisiveness
20. Adventurous
21. Both appreciative of small gestures and able to give them
22. Affectionate

The Esoteric
23. MUST be out, to everyone
24. Plays a musical instrument
25. Doesn't mind movies with subtitles, or that you have to go downtown to an art house to see
26. An atheist
27. Doesn't wear jewelry or cologne
28. Speaks with an accent (almost any sort... I'm not picky)
29. Has an appreciation for sci-fi (would liking comics as well be too much to ask for?)
30. Politically aware
31. Devoted to his family
32. A "dog guy"
33. Able to face life without anti-depressants
34. A "mountain guy"

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