34 Artists I Admire: List the 6th

1. N.C. Wyeth, American early 20th century illustrator.
2. Charles Shulz
3. Nick Bantock, collage artist and author of the Griffin and Sabine books.
4. Eyvind Earl, production designer and background painter of Disney's Sleeping Beauty.
5. Travis Charest, French comic book and science fiction artist.
6. James Jean, illustrator and comic book artist.
7. Peter De Seve, illustrator.
8. Kent Williams, painter.
9. Norman Rockwell, American illustrator and painter.
10. Maxfield Parrish, another turn of the century illustrator. (You'll see a lot guys from this period on my list)
11. Dave McKean, British illustrator who dabbles in comics, film writing and just about everything.
12. JC Leyendecker, another of those turn of the century guys.
13. Frank Cho, a current comic book illustrator, heavily influenced by those turn of the century guys.
14. Barry Windsor-Smith, illustrator and comic book artist.
15. Charles Dana Gibson, illustrator and originator of the "Gibson Girl."
16. Craig Thompson, illustrator and comic book innovator.
17. James Christensen, American painter.
18. Dean Cornwell, the last turn of the century illustrator on the list. (maybe)
19. Chris Ware, illustrator, writer, comic artist.
20. William Stout, fantasy artist.
21. John William Waterhouse, early 20th century fine artist, (I didn't promise not to do fine artists) originally from the Pre-Raphaelite movement, but diverged onto his own path.
22. Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, neoclassical fine artist from Victorian England.
23. Arthur Rackham, one of the original Alice in Wonderland illustrators.
24. Bill Waterston, creator of Calvin and Hobbes, (who unfortunately doesn't seem to have a web presence).
25. Frank Quitely, Scottish comic book artist.
26. Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy.
27. Omar Rayyan, illustrator.
28. John Jude Palencar, illustrator and painter.
29. Michael Whelan, fantasy illustrator.
30. Diane and Leo Dillon, husband and wife children's book illustrating team.
31. Charles Vess, comic book artist and illustrator of Irish folk tales.
32. William Kaluta, comic and fantasy illustrator.
33. Jody Lee, illustrator and book jacket designer.
34. Jo Chen, manga artist.

This was one of the easiest lists I've done, and could have benn 340 artists long before I likely would have run out of people. But these are the ones that came to mind most immediately.

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