34 Vacations I Want To Take: List the 4th

Continuing my 34 Lists of 34 Things to Celebrate my 34th Birthday.

Bonny suggested 34 Romantic Getaways, but without a boyfriend that's a hard list for me. Modifying a bit I've decided to do a vacation wish list. If some cute boy (This list should give you an idea of my type...) wants to go with me though... well, I'm always happy to have a traveling companion.

1. Machu Picchu, Peru I've been obsessing over this trip for a year or more. Some day I'll see these ruins, even if I have to take the train in rather than hike up, since my last long hike taught me that I may not be up for that.
2. Moscow, Russia A beautiful culture, with a completely different style than anywhere I've ever been... Plus seeing St. Peter's Square on The Amazing Race just set me off.
3. Paris, France Stereotypical, but having never been there, it's a dream. There will be several stereotypical thinsg on this list I'm afraid.
4. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic A gorgeous, tiny little town south of Prague that has an intact 18th century style theatre that I would LOVE to see.
5. The Grand Canyon Camping in the basin of the Grand Canyon... how much more romantic can you get?
6. Venice, Italy Another stereotypical choice, but one of the places that I feel like everyone in the world should see before it goes away.
7. An Alaskan Cruise I'm not big on water, or boats, or vacations where I'm not active... but there's something about the commercials for Alaskan cruises that looks enticing.
8. Mt. Rainier, Washington There's a company there that rents the most gorgeous looking treehouses. How does that NOT sound like a good time?
9. Loop Head, Ireland Another place I want to visit because I can get unusual accommodations there. This time, a lighthouse.
10. Nikko, Japan One of the things I didn't get to do in Japan that I regretted was visiting an onsen (a natural hotspring) I'm told that the ones around Nikko are especially nice.
11. The Appalachian Trail Yeah... I can't hike without getting my knee in shape, and yeah... this would require some hiking... but It's still a dream.
12. Santorini, Greece Athens is another dream, and I'll see that some day too, but how can you resist views like this?
13. Australia An intimidating country for me because I know so little about it. I found it hard to choose a destination, so I'll just list the country as an entirety. You guys in Australia... where should I go? I need activity, adventure, and some aboriginal culture would be nice. No beaches... I find them boring.
14. Rome, Italy Do I need to expound on this one?
15. Istanbul, Turkey The seat of the Byzantine Empire. I've studied the architecture and art in all of my art history classes. I need to see it!
16. Dehli, India From which I would also like to visit the Taj in Agra and Jaipur. I certainly need a companion for this one though, I'm not sure I could do India alone.
17. Bangkok, Thailand More specifically to visit the ruins of Ayuthaya. What can I say? I have a thing for old cities.
18. Cuba I know it's illegal, but I hear SO many good things.
19. Kathmandu, Nepal Another of those old cities I mentioned.
20. The Vatican Yeah, I know I mentioned Rome, but I think the Vatican deserves a few days all to itself. The sheer volume of art there must be overwhelming.
21. The Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico Continuing my theme of old cities, let's go see some Mayan ruins, too!
22. Dongchen, China How can my tour of old cities be complete without the Forbidden City?
23. Angkor Wat, Cambodia You didn't see that one coming?
24. Cyprus Another thing I can't resist is an area where lots of cultures overlapped and made a unique culture. (Maybe that's why I love New York so much?)
25. St. Andrews, Scotland Castles and cliffs. It appeals to my inner goth.
26. Whanganui National Park, New Zealand So many movies have been filmed there now that it's hard not to see it's beauty.
27. Mammoth Cave, Kentucky Sometimes I like natural wonders too.
28. Shropshire, England Back to my earlier theme of unusual places to sleep, how about a castle?
29. Ruthin, Wales A tint medieval town in Northern Wales.
30. La Crosse, Wisconsin A couple days cruising in a houseboat sound like fun to anyone else?
31. The Poseidon Resort It hasn't been built yet, and they don't even know where it will be, but an underwater resort? How fucking cool is THAT?
32. African Safari Another vague one, but you get the idea.
33. Amsterdam, Netherlands For the art and culture alone... no funny stuff for me!
34. Savannah, Georgia I'm feeling a little homesick. Bug off.

Keep coming with your suggestions for lists guys, 30 more to go!

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  • Anonymous Says:

    Hello from Italy, Cully! There are a few places you've named on your Vacation List that I have been to, but several more that I would like to visit as well-maybe someday!
    Venice-absolutely go, if you ever get half a chance! It truly is a mecca for artists and you're going see someone with an easel set up or sketchbook in hand around every corner. The light and the colours, especially on the island of Burano (where they make and sell lace)is awesome! Plus I have a couple of addresses for art stores that supply the Academia dell'Arte in Venice. Rome and The Vatican-these do qualify as two separate places, The Vatican is its own State within Rome/Italy. St. Peter's Basillica is gorgeous in very many different ways. Just the colours and variety of marble used is enough to make an artist reach for his paints! Michaelangelo's Pieta of course, is famous. The Sistine Chapel-go early as the line ups are long and they stop letting people in at 2:00 in the afternoon because it takes that long until closing to get through it moving fast; so leave plenty of time; go early. The amount of well known paintings in the museum leading to the Sistine could take a week on it's own.
    I better stop as I'm taking up too much bandwidth but I truly can reccomend these places, very highly. Please feel free to delete this comment if it's too long to keep. Ciao! A fra pocco! Bonny