Interestingly some pr firm has gotten it in their head that I would be a good resource for getting word out about their products. So far I have been asked to discuss a photography contest, and a group that sends inner city kids to summer camps. I suppose those aren't TERRIBLY off the mark for things I might discuss, but... it just seems strange to me. I don't feel like I've built up quite enough of an audience to be being targeted for that sort of information. It sort of makes me feel like I've "made it." I will note that they haven't offered to PAY me to write about anything yet, so I guess I haven't "made it" that far.

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  • Ajo Says:

    I don't want to make you feel less special, but a lot of more sophisticated PR firms target bloggers this way. I write another blog that is a kind of a special-interest/public service kind of thing and get these pitches all the time.

    You're right not to hold your breath for payment; it's not at all likely to happen, even if you had really huge numbers.

    That particular blog of mine has also attracted a number of "invitations" to become a "contributing author" on commercial websites that are related to my subject of choice. The putative draw? "Great exposure". I'm more inclined to call it "free content" for the profit-seeking owners of the sites.

    None of my blogs are commercial, and I'm writing them all for me, in my voice, so I'm not at all tempted to respond, much less cooperate. I'm just not for sale, and I'm personally not at all inclined to trust (or read) any blogger who writes those kinds of posts. Kind of taints the experience for me.