Resolution: Lunch

One of my New Year's resolutions was to begin packing my own lunch every day. I've done pretty well at it, I've managed 4 out of 5 days for the last three weeks, which is great! This week Kid Flash starts school again, so the planning and working to make this happen has to ramp up a bit. To that end we sat down last night and made a complete menu plan for the week, and shopping list. The menu includes a Chickpea Burger, a Veggie Pot Pie, a Moroccan Stew, and a veggie Sandwich Spread. Frankly all of these sound better than what I had been eating on the average day anyway. With list in hand we set off for the absolute BEST grocery store in Manhattan: Fairway. Probably 80% of the shopping list was fresh produce so the idea of getting what we needed from our local grocery was... not quite appealing. The local is a decent place, expensive, but well stocked, except when it comes to produce which is incredibly hit or miss. (Mostly miss.) The most amazing thing was that we walked out there for less than $110. Shockingly that means that for this week I'll be spending less for 10 to 12 meals over the week than I spent for my 5 regular lunches per week before this plan! I am a little bit astounded by that. We prepped the Veggie Spread, and cooked the Moroccan Stew for dinner, so we are two up on having things available to pack for lunch. If this trend continues I'll be a happy boy. Not only am I eating healthier, and better, but cheaper, how is that possible?

Things I bought this week that I never even knew existed frankly: pickled baby eggplants, preserved lemons, zatar, and grape sausage.

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  • Anonymous Says:

    You've never had pickled eggplant?

    As an eggplant aficionado, I can tell you, they're wonderful!

    I (the lazy chef) have some great vegitarian soup recipes...they make great light dinners and quick and easy lunches.

    I do my weekly veggie shopping at the veggie stand on 41st and 9th, I spend about $20 a week of the fresh stuff and then I go next door to the meat market and buy about $10 worth of chicken and for about $30-$35 a week I get most of my lunches and dinners. I can't believe how much money I saved since joining Weight Watchers and brown bagging it!

    Go for you!