Community Supported Agriculture

Kid Flash and I are considering joining a CSA, which means Community Supported Agriculture. The idea here is that a local farm is assigned a neighborhood, and the members of that neighborhood become partners with the the farm, paying a yearly fee, (seems to average $300 to $400) for a weekly share of vegetables and fruit during the harvest season (most of the farms have 22-24 week seasons starting in June.) Each week they come to a designated site, and the members come to collect their weekly allotment. What it contains varies from week to week based on what is in harvest that week. Some of the farms do veggies only, others include fruit. Most do supplemental plans that include fresh eggs, dairy, cheese, yogurt, even honey and maple syrup. It seems like an incredible idea. The one we like averages out to $18 a week, which is a fairly small price for fresh, in season veggies in the city. None of them have drop off points that are super convenient for us, living in the extreme northern part of Manhattan does have its drawbacks sometimes, but several are in locations that could conceivably be hit on our way home from work. One thing that we can't seem to find online though are reviews of any of the farms, or their service. Have any of you had any experience with this sort of thing? Even if you don't live in NYC and you have done something like this I'd love to know about it.

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  • Anonymous Says:

    I live in way northern manhattan and have belonged to a CSA up here (pick up in Isham Park) for a couple of years - would be glad to offer my thoughts about it if you're still considering.