Wearable Computing

I really wish I could take an iPhone and create something that was in between this unmade Apple prototype from the 90's:
This "steam punk" MP3 player:

and one of Haruo Suekichi's watches:

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  • SideShowMom Says:

    Cully, you've inspired me & the kids! My son's 6 & daughter's 9 & now they want to make steam punk toys and accessories! We googled "steam punk" and found all sorts of goodness to enjoy! My son's into trains and robots anyway and this is a natural progression to explore for him and what he does, his sister wants to try, too! Thanks for the post!

    from EDM

  • SideShowMom Says:

    Also forgot to say, we're Hayao Miyazaki fans, too, so I was able to remind them of Howl's Moving Castle & Laputa as style examples!

  • Cully Says:

    Sweet! I have been researching it pretty heavily myself in conjunction with a show that I am working on. There's lots of cool stuff out there. Have you read the Flight anthologies? There is lots of cool steampunk-ish, manga-ish, anime-ish stuff in there that is just BEAUTIFULLY drawn.