It's Called a "Lance." Hello!

6 months ago I was considering returning to freelance. Then things turned around at work, I felt fine, and the economy tanked and I was happy that I wasn't freelancing. As I've hinted a few times it looks like I may be going back that route sooner than I anticipated. My office is relocating, and while I will probably continue to freelance with them, I will no longer be full time. When that is happening... I'm not sure. I do know however that suddenly a LOT of work is cropping up, so my fear levels are... lower. Looks like I'll be doing some more sketchcards for DC Comics, I've been asked back by the theatre where I did Steel Magnolias earlier this year, I'm doing a ton of advertising stuff for Orlando Opera, and of course I am going away to summerstock in July and August. One of my proudest accomplishments is that since moving to NYC I have not done anything that was not theatre or art related in order to make my living, no "day jobs" or "security jobs" or "contingency jobs." I have to face the next year knowing that that will continue to be true. I'll be at my current job until I leave for the summer, and possibly for a while when I get back, as I said, it is unclear when the move is happening. Regardless it is going to be an interesting year. One of those few times when you can see the turn in the road of life before it happens, and those times always freak me out. I'm struggling a little right now to know how to steer myself through this... find a new 9 to 5? really make the leap back to freelancing? somewhere in between? Luckily I have 7 months or more to figure that out.

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