Indigo Girls

The first of my busy week activities was last night: The Indigo Girls concert. I've never been to a Summer Stage event before, and I was pleasantly surprised at how it proceeded. It seemed a bit weird to be at a concert in full day light... the opening act started at 6:30 and it wasn't even full dark by the time the girls wrapped the show at about 9. My favorite game to play at the concert: spot the non-female, non-white audience members... I'll tell you, the number of folks in the crowd who fit both of those criteria was low indeed. Another fun thing to watch was the "guitar girl" who would swap out the guitars being played at the end of just about every song. I never really knew that guitars had that much variation.

The girls give a great concert and it is pretty amazing how moving two women onstage alone, with just their guitars can be. At turns they had the audience laughing, and I saw plenty of people crying, especially one young lady near me who had tears streaming down her face most of the show. And of course there was lots of singing along.

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