New York Provides

This is a fire hydrant.

Well... actually it is a fiberglass cast of a fire hydrant, and a really well done one at that.

I want a fire hydrant (among other NYC centric items) for my RENT set. Around noon today I decided that I should probably start shopping for it since I would need to order it soon. I started to shopping around, only to discover that the available options were either ridiculously expensive, or unattractive, or too small.

On a lark, I checked Craigslist. Posted yesterday, less than 10 blocks from my location... a movie replica fiberglass fire hydrant: $20.

I swear this thing is perfect. Someone actually made a cast off of a real hydrant, I'd stake my life on it. It is detailed down to chipped paint, and partially unthreaded bolts. No one who was carving this would have made those details.

THIS is what I love about NYC. I checked around Craigslist, there are no other prop hydrants available. There are a few real ones, (Atlanta seems to have a bumper crop of those for some reason) but this was the only prop version I found. This is nowhere else in the world where I could have accomplished this as easily.

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