iPhone Acheived!

My plan was to hit the AT&T store across the street from my office yesterday. At noon the line was down the block. At :30 when I checked back they were sold out. The closest Apple Store to the office had... I'm estimating... 500 people in line. I checked the Soho store and the line was even longer. Having my bag with my laptop and other work stuff in it I decided to head home phoneless. I briefly considered going down to the 5th ave store in the middle of the night (it's 24 hours) but decided I'd rather sleep. So I headed out about 10 this morning, arriving at the store at 10:45. Since it was pouring rain they had moved the line inside. It wasn't terribly long 1:15 from entering the line I had my new baby in hand! I am now an iPhone user! Finally I can have my whole music collection with me again. Urban caching is much easier, won't need my GPS. The 365 Project is easier with no extra camera to carry. And of course unlimited net access anytime anywhere!

And the best part, with the Christmas gift card from my mom, and the anticipated resell proceeds on my iPod touch... it was zero cost to me!

Speaking to the line handlers at the store they processed 5000+ people yesterday, and had over 2 hour waits even at 3 am, so going down in the middle of the night was probably NOT the right choice after all, it was MUCH easier this morning.

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