Speaking Engagement

Tonight was my public speaking debut at Adult Ed, showcasing my subway sketches, and I feel pretty successful with it. First off, it was a great night, the hosts were awesome and made me feel at home right away, and made the whole process perfectly painless and smooth. I'll admit I was nervous, I don't really ever have a reason to speak in public, and I was feeling a bit of pressure because most of the guests on the line-up seemed funny in some way, and I sometimes feel incapable of being spontaneously funny. I was given 10 to 12 minutes. In my practice runs I usually clocked in around 7, though I'll admit I never really got all the way through it in those practices, and was often guessing about my timing. On stage it seemed like it actually took about 3 minutes... no idea what it actually was. Of course I also missed a couple stories that on the train ride home, or talking to people in the audience afterward I realized should have been included, but it was too late for that at that point. But the audience responded well, and it felt good to talk about it. I don't really ever discuss these sketches except here, or on flickr, or rarely when someone looks at it. Hopefully I picked the right sketches... choosing just a handful for a 10 minute presentation was difficult.

Anyway... thanks to those who attended, it meant a lot, and I appreciate it tremendously, and if you happen to be visiting here for the first time because you saw me there... then welcome!

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