Rain Delays

Remember how I was supposed to be leaving this weekend, and reporting to my summerstock? Well. They had wanted me to report on the 25th, but I have an obligation on the 25th and 26th, (another show, shh!) so I was going to head up early to make up the time. That deal was struck about two weeks ago. At the time when I spoke to them they were ahead of schedule, and the first show I am involved in was supposed to be hitting the shop floor today, about a week ahead of schedule, so going up early wouldn't really impact anything, and would in fact be in keeping with what was happening up there. That was two weeks ago. I hadn't really considered what was happening up there since then, just proceeding with the alterred schedule as planned. I decided to call today to check in and discovered that, as I should have known, it has been raining non-stop up there for two weeks (as it has here.) Since they do better than half of the building outdoors due to limited floor space in the shop... they have lost the lead they had. They are in fact terribly behind at this point. So... since my show isn't hitting the floor until much later than expected... I'm staying in NYC for a few extra days. I'll be in Connecticut (working on the other show, shh!) Thursday and Friday, and then off to summerstock on Saturday. The vagaries of work I suppose... the best laid plans.

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