One Week

I have one week left in NYC before the true insanity of my summer begins. I have a LOT going on... possibly a bit too much frankly.

Tomorrow I am seeing the Indigo Girls in Central Park at Summer Stage.

Wednesday I will be sorting props and crap at the children's theatre because they do a big purge at the end of each season and last season they threw away too much stuff that was useful. So I volunteered to do the cleaning to make sure that the stuff I want to use will be in place when next season starts.

Thursday KF and I are seeing the Corraline musical downtown.

Friday night I'll be watching the Gotham Girls skate against the Texecutioners, one of the very very few teams in the nation that they have actually lost to.

Somewhere in there I have work to do, both at the office and at home... packing... cleaning... etc. etc.

The madness has begun.

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