June 12 of 12

Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the 12 of 12 for June, 2009! 12 of 12 is a project initiated by Chad Darnell, 12 photos on the 12th of each month to document my day. See all the participants here.

On the way to my office, one of those things that we walk by everyday and never really pay attention to. I'm sure these symbols mean something to someone, but it isn't me.

Another little gem spotted on my walk in this morning. A lawn jockey lamp, clearly once black, that was painted white, and is now in the garbage on a city street... I'm sure this is a metaphor for something.

In my office. 15 years ago my boss employed 20+ people, most of whom had plants in their offices I'm sure. Now there are 5 of us, mostly in a small corner of the office space, and other companies occupy the former office with their giant windows. Most of the plants have been shoved into a tiny area that used to be a spray booth for when people were using spray paints or spray glues. No one really sees them but me because I go there to use my cell phone. If I had a window in my space I'd move a few of them.

In the lunch area of the office. I find this globe interesting. Its countries are made of various cut marbles, but it isn't balanced. The weight of the African continent always spins the globe downward so that this area of the map points upwards. If you try to correct it it will slowly revolve back to this position.

An interesting window that I pass on the way to get lunch everyday.

Another remnant of the old office that still hangs around, some sort of order chart for what I am sure is an archaic color system.

I pass 4 thrifts stores between my office and the subway. They are always unloading something. I enjoyed the reflection here.

Home again home again. The view from my stairs in my apartment (through a window.)

Friday nights are typically passed at a wine bar in my neighborhood.

Outside the bar. It's been another grey and rainy day here. I swear it is like living in Seattle the past couple weeks.

After the bar it is up the street to a burger joint for a little dinner. An odd little tucked away place that serves great burgers and thanks to its proximity to the hospital (probably) they even have veggie burgers.

Speaking of the hospital, that's it. Pretty imposing on the skyline. It takes up a good 4 or 5 city blocks, and is a huge sprawling compound.

And that's it... the end of the day! See you next month.

6 Response to "June 12 of 12"

  • mamaciku Says:

    i really enjoyed this series of you 12 and 12s. Always look forward to see them!

  • Pete Says:

    I really like the mirror photo as well, it looks like there is another world being reflected what with it being in the shadows.

    Hope the burger was tasty :)

  • Chris Says:

    We have those plants on our back porch. They're varigated ... something.

    We need a wine bar around here.

    Nice 12!! I like this set :)

  • lovesmukiwa Says:

    I moved from an office with a window to a storage room. I bought special grow lights for my plants but they have a pink hue wchich takes some getting used to!

  • Scooter Says:

    What a great day, so colorful and so fun!
    Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  • Matt Says:

    I love the globe and the picture of the window, and the view from the stairs. You always have great pictures! I totally want a burger now ...

    And that Seattle comment - hey! It's been never-ending sun and 70's-80's for weeks now. We just advertise rain to scare people away from moving here. ;)