Insert Long Tracking Shot Here

Today I saw my third movie in three days. Prime, The Weatherman, and Elizabethtown. One of the many things that movies have in common is the fairly standard cinematic device of the montage scene. You know which one I mean, it usually occurs about two thirds of the way through the movie, when the lead character is at their lowest, just before they make the decision, or perform the action that will set the final act of the movie into motion. It is scored by some sentimental song, most often these days by Ryan Adams, and we see the character walking through a city, then sitting by a window with rain on it, then and then silhouetted against a sunset. The scene ends with the character shot in profile, then looking up into the camera with a look of resolve.

I feel as though I've been trapped in my own personal montage scene for about a week now. I have the feeling that there's a change coming, or a decision to be made, or a choice around the corner somewhere. I'm not sure why, there's nothing like that scheduled to happen that I know of, no impending decisions or events, but the feeling remains.

I hope it's something good.

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