Subway Sketches Part LXXIV

6 Response to "Subway Sketches Part LXXIV"

  • Thermion7 Says:

    nice stuff! your illustrations have a strong graphic feel to them. A hybrid of Japanese art, Comic Illustrations and Alphose Mucha poster!

    Ball point pen illustrations are always fun.

  • Cully Says:

    Three of my favorite things Thermion7! I'm surprised, and delighted that you can see all that in my work.

  • Lindsay Says:

    Cully, I'm crazy about your subway sketches. You give me courage to do some more. I find a crowded train is easier than a mostly empty one.

  • Melly Says:

    Nice work Cully! Just found your site.
    Condensed milk in your coffee? where the heck did you begin doing this?

  • Cully Says:

    The first time I had coffee with condensed milk was in an art class actually. The professor brought things occasionally as treats for us, and that was one of the treats. I've since learned that it can be called Vietnamese coffee, they make it with a press, and the milk already in the bottom of the cup. I go by Vietnamese restaurants in the city specifically for it.

    Thanks for your compliments, BTW

  • Gerald Says:

    I really like your subway sketches in blue ink. Can't wait to see more.