Is It Winter Already?

Tonight New York City is going to plunge into temperatures in the 20's, and we had a brief snow flurry earlier. I find myself asking why, and I believe I know the answer.

Christmas Decorations.

I believe that the global ecosystem is punishing us as a society for celebrating the premier winter holiday too early. I heard Christmas music and saw decorations before Halloween this year. Two months early! It's my opinion that the weather has seen this, and decided that if we are so damned anxious for winter, then we can bloody well have it.

I'm sure it's too late for this year, but remember this next year and keep the wreaths in the boxes. Maybe we can actually have an autumn for once.

2 Response to "Is It Winter Already?"

  • michelle Says:

    i'm still waiting on the next installment of things you want for christmas...what happened to that???

  • bohb Says:

    It's going to be 80 degrees on Sunday in San Marcos. I guess that makes up for the fact that it was 108 when I rode into Texas in August.