Subway Sketches Part LXII

I don't get to sketch a lot of children, mainly because they rarely sit still long enough. Unless they are sleeping or extraordinarily absorbed in something I have little chance to get them onto paper because they squirm around. This little guy, on the other hand, was one of the single most well behaved children I have ever witnessed. He had one of those looks, the kind that would cause most people to term him an "old soul." He sat stock still beside his father, with one hand on his father's knee and the other in his lap for the whole long trip between 42nd street and 145th. For most of the trip he stared at an imaginary point between us, with a small grin on his face contemplating some mystery that the rest of the world will never know about. It was a joy to try and capture that look on paper. This sketch is already one my favorites from this second sketchbook.

10 Response to "Subway Sketches Part LXII"

  • Elisa Says:

    You are a great artist...

    do you this as hobby or do you actually work doing this?

    I would love to know...
    thank you.

  • Cully Says:

    Thanks, Elisa! The subway sketches are just hobby, something I do to keep myself occupied on the train, and so that I draw a little bit everyday.

    I do work in a creative field though, scenic design for theatre. I am also an occasional illustrator.

    I started doing these sketches because I was getting bored drawing sets and walls and nothing else. I realized I had a perfect group of models and time to do it nearly every day so I started carrying a sketchbook with me everywhere I went.

  • G-Man Says:

    Hey man...this is scarey...check out this graphic i did about 4 or 5 years ago of a young anakin skywalker:

    Looks a little familiar to your drawing! LOL


  • Anonymous Says:

    This is more than a sketch, I could say you have put on the papel the boy's soul.

    Helena Monteiro - Portugal

  • Cully Says:

    Wow! Thanks Helena, that's quite a compliment.

    G-Man- Coincidentally enough he was wearing a Star Wars t-shirt, I just didn't get that detail in.

  • Stejahen Says:

    Awesome, about how long did that take? And do you normally ask people before you draw them?

  • Cully Says:

    My subway rides (and therefore my sketches) generally last 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the vagaries of the system and my destination. If I remember correctly that one was about 30.

    I never ask to draw anyone. For the most part they are usually unaware of me. People on the subway are usually in their own little world, cut off from reality. Asking would either A) freak them out, B) cause them to act in a completely unnatural way, or C) they would want to take the drawing in the end.

  • Stejahen Says:

    Ok, thanks for answering. I asked because whenever I try to draw people in public, it seems to make people uncomfortable if they notice me looking at them alot.

  • Mark McDonnell Says:

    Great sketches. Keep it up.


  • Jackal Says:

    Wonderful features.