My Love/Hate Career

There are days when I really hate my chosen career. This week being one of those times. The show that I am currently working on is in it's last week of rehearsals, which means that I have to attend every night. This show has a very simple set, so the set has been completed for a few days now. There are no changes to the set during the run of the show. If there were then part of my job would be helping to choreograph the changes, making sure the actors knew how the mechanics worked, etc. None of that this time though. So essentially I am having to attend rehearsals to do... not a lot of anything. Tonight I spent the three hours sorting through the songs I have in iTunes and removing duplicates. After I finished that I started creating a 'zine version of my subway sketches to mail to some friends. I'm glad I thought to take my laptop with me. I still have to do this two more times!

At the same time if I wasn't in this career I would miss the opportunity to hear people, with a perfectly straight face, seriously say sentences like "Well, I put it over my head and pretended I was dead and I could breathe just fine."

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