My Theatrical Week

Three times this week Roommate K and I have had a conversation along the lines of: "What have you been hearing about show A?"

"Good/Bad/Indifferent, but I really want to see it."

"Yeah, me too."

All three times, within 48 hours of that conversation, one or the other of us has been offered free tickets to the show that we were discussing. (My amazing powers of coincidence at work again.) So within a week I will be seeing three Broadway shows: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Woman in White, and The Great American Trailer Park Musical. None of these shows have gotten great reviews, in the case of Woman in White Roommate K and I spent about 20 minutes brutally dissecting a sampler CD that he received in the mail, mainly trying to figure out what the hell the plot might be.

We've already seen Chitty. The effects were AMAZING, even beyond the flying car the show was full of effect driven moments that were alternatively funny and breathtaking. The show itself... kind of a yawner. The songs were good, but weren't "big" enough for the stage. The story and especially the songs seemed subsumed by the visuals. It was a fun show though, and I was happy to have seen it, if for no other reason than I got to see what Disney money can do onstage.

Tomorrow is Woman in White, the show I'm anticipating the least. The songs I've heard sound like something that would have gotten cut from Phantom, and as I said, I cannot discern what the plot is supposed to be either from the commercials or from the mailer that they sent with the CD. But again, I'm happy to be going. Maybe I'll luck out and it will be one of those shows that are so bad that they loop back around to being good again.

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