Subway Sketches: METAPOST

Turns out that I'm not the only person in the world that sketches on public transportation. In the past few days I've become aware of several other people that share my peculiar hobby.

Miyuki posts her sketches from the Toronto Metro system to a Flickr set that can be found here. She has a lovely, soft, feminine style with just a touch of manga/anime influence. She makes me want to expand the colors of pen that I carry around with me.

Tom posts his sketches to a blog, along with his other work. He gets tons of sketches on a page, I'd love to be as fast as he must be. From reading his posts it seems like he has a whole crew of other subway sketchers that get together regularly to troll the trains looking for interesting subjects. He too is sketching in Toronto.

I'm not sure where Omwo is sketching from, but he has several sketches from the train and bus system on his blog. He uses pencil for his sketches, something that I haven't seen a lot in any of the other subway sketchers. He's also come up with the odd sport of sketching people from behind while follwoing them down the street. Observing, sketching, and walking sounds like a HUGE challenge.

Still no one else from the NYC area that posts their sketches online, at least not that I've found yet. I've bumped into a few on the train though.

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  • Stejahen Says:

    Cool, good links, I also know of a bunch of subway sketching groups from CGtalk at this thread:
    Bobby Chiu of
    has a NY group as well as several others

    I know there are people who do the same at the forums too, though I'm not sure where.

    I would love too, but I don't have a subway.

  • Jen Says:

    I actually have "The Painting That Ate Paris" but haven't read it yet. . .
    I' looking for more really well done comics - which do you think are the best, as far as overall artwork and storylines?


  • Cully Says:

    Jen- Really depends on the genre you are looking for. Comics cover such a wide range of topics and styles. Sandman is the old stand-by book that gets recommended to all non-comic readers who are just trying things out. Dave McKean's artwork for the covers of that series is some of my favorite artwork anywhere. On the other side of the coin is Chris Ware who's work is much more mechanical looking and super clean but his stories couple with it so perfectly. Be suer to track down his sketchbook too if you like his stuff, his sketches are AMAZING.

  • OMWO Says:

    "I'm not sure where Omwo is sketching from"

    Hi, Cully :)

    I'm from Lisbon, Portugal, so most sketches are from its subway/bus system (but also libraries, cafes, whatever).

    But some are from other Portuguese towns, and also a good number from some foreign places I happen to visit once in a while - London, Liverpool, and Cambridge, mostly.

    Great blog, btw,I just love your ballpoint sketches. And thanks for pointing out those links.

    All the best

  • Jen Says:

    Thanks Cully :)