Figs and Dates

I guess I should update everyone on dating as well.

I'm at a standstill here.

After what I considered successful dates with both The Artist, and The Architect both of those prospects have stalled. The Artist has been busy with friends and special events here in the city, so every request I've put in for a second date has been met with resistance. The Architect is busy as well, but with work. he was out of town for a good portion of the last few weeks. I emailed him earlier today to see about getting together this weekend. His reply, taken by me to be ironic and sarcastic, was that he'd planned on working but would give up his career plans for a date with me. Cute and romantic, right? Turns out after a few more emails that it was indeed sarcastic, but opposite of the way I had taken it. In which case it just seemed mean spirited and rude. I believe I'm done with that avenue of pursuit.

Unfortunately there's no one else in the wings at the moment, so I'm once again back at dating square one.

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