Subway Sketches Part CXI

A little something different. Normally I'd crop this sketch down to eliminate the sketch I had started on the left and was unable to finish, and probably finish off his coat and arms but there's something about the two together that I like. There's also something wonky about his left arm, (the one on our left that is). Didn't get the anatomy right there. Oh well... It's a look into my unedited sketchbook. Enjoy!

8 Response to "Subway Sketches Part CXI"

  • Bonny Says:

    Hi Cully;
    They are still very good - "wonky" left arm and all. You'll still enjoy looking at these sketches (and so will we!), and they'll still remind you of the day you did them.Thanks for sharing these sketches.

  • Sioux Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Actually I like the juxtaposition if the sketches. I like it!!


  • Nina Johansson Says:

    These are great! I like unfinished drawings, they let you see the process of how the artist did them. Interesting! Thanks for showing them.

  • Teri C Says:

    Gosh, it's good to know you make mistakes too after all those wonderful subway sketches! And I still like this one.

  • Jenna Says:

    dude! if only your mistakes could be my successes! i really do like what you're able to do, even when people are coming and going!

  • Linda Says:

    Hmmm... Cully, I don't think you really have the anatomy off on the right arm -- the viewer's left -- whatever! The shoulder girdle looks just right -- the elbow is looks right -- the hand looks right -- you just got muddled up there in the middle because of the foreshortening! I think it looks great!
    :-) Your drawings are always amazing, too -- I don't know how you do it, bouncing around on the subway and all!
    And about your previous post -- it's dating that sucks, honey. Then one day it gets better. It really does.

  • Terri Says:

    You know what I really like about this sketch is the angle of the face. You did such a great job with this. Great to see this glimpse into your unedited sketchbook Cully! More more!! :o)

  • Desiree Says:

    I love your subway drawings, you have a wonderful talent. You should publish this! I loved looking at all the different riders, maybe you could give everyone names and really great identities and life stories! It reminds me of when I rode the train back and forth to work everyday and the daily soap opera that transpired!