Work It!

In roughly a week the widest audience ever will be exposed to my work. Potentially millions of people will see the paintings that I spent most of last week holed up in my bedroom working on. It's an odd feeling really. One of the reasons that I decided not to work in illustration was that I missed having a direct connection to my audience, something that theatre is much better at providing. I'm obsessive about checking the visitor logs for this site, and I adore the comments that you guys leave for me. This particular job is an odd amalgam of scenic design and illustration, all the principles and practices of theatre, but the execution of illustration. So all these people will be looking at my work, and I'll never know who or what they think of it. The art director is happy with it, the client is happy with it, and I am happy with it, and that's the important part.

The next phase of this project will be an even further step away from me. While I will be providing the pencils and basic design of the piece, another artist will be coming in and creating vector art on top of that. Still, it's an incredibly exciting piece, exactly up my line of interest. I've had a great deal of fun researching and sketching, and I'm curious to see the final pieces.

2 Response to "Work It!"

  • Matt Pozorski Says:

    Whats up? I can't wait to see your stuff on that website... do you know exactly when its going to be up? What section are they going to run it under? Features?
    Let me know!


  • Cully Says:

    If I understand correctly it will be a complete redesign of the whole website. It should go live in less than a week.