Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow

My internal weather geek is going crazy! The Blizzard of 2006 tore through the North East and has been called by many weather reporters a "Classic Nor'easter" and by some the "Perfect Storm." Meteorologists are raving about it's perfect organization, it even had an "eye" similar to a tropical storm. Sometime late last night the storm underwent bombogenesis (new weather geek word!) and more than tripled it's strength. When the storm was forecast yesterday we were expecting 6 to 8 inches, and as of 4 o'clock today we have 26.9 inches! The 24 hour snowfall record for NYC had previously been set in 1947 at 26.4 inches, but we now have a new record, obviously.

Now it's time for it all to go away. As I said before, I love snow for a few hours, but it's already beginning to turn gray and slushy on the sidewalks, so I'm through with it. Luckily it looks like the temperatures will be climbing back into the 50's later this week, so maybe it won't hang around for very long.

4 Response to "Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow"

  • michelle Says:

    oh my, princess is having the time of her life!

  • Cully Says:

    Just to be clear for those unfamiliar, in this particular instance "Princess" does NOT refer to me.

    Repeat: Princess=NOT me.

    (Of course, the same cannot be said for OTHER references, I just wanted to clarify this one.)

  • Max Says:

    "Now it's time for it all to go away." this made me crack up, and it's my reaction to pretty much any amount of snowfall: "That's pretty--now get rid of it." Being down here in Alabama, though, I only have to deal with it once every four years or so (when the entire town is shut down by an inch or so of powder).

  • bohb Says:

    Me thinks thou doth protest too much.