Subway Sketches Part CV

It's not often that I see someone else on the train sketching, but this young man was intently working on something with a fine point Sharpie. I tried to catch the odd way he held his right hand, which was what drew me to him in the first place. I'm not sure how successful I was though. The drawing just doesn't capture the absolute knot that he hand his fingers contorted into.

2 Response to "Subway Sketches Part CV"

  • Miyuki Mouse Says:

    How fortunate! I've been waiting for the day I run into a fellow sketcher on the metro, but alas it never seems to happen. However, that might because I'm on the train at such an ungodly hour of the morn... ;)

  • Jessica Says:

    You know, the way he is holding his fingers is very close to the way I hold mine, but I always thought it was because I am a left-handed person taught to write by a right-handed world.