I Really Need Telepathy

I've been planning this post all day, and it was originally going to go along these lines:

Boys suck.

While I am still currently of that opinion, in thinking about it I have come to an even deeper conclusion:

People suck.

More specifically dealing with other people sucks. Every day we have hundred of interactions with the other members of our species. Some are on a totally impersonal level, the person who eats lunch at the next table. Some are on a deeply personal level, the person you lay in bed beside. The problem is that you can never know what the other person is thinking, or why they do the things they do.

Standing in line at a Salvation Army this afternoon I watched the cashier ring up $1600 of leather coats. I had met the man purchasing the coats earlier, as we both scoured the aisles for what we wanted. He was an assistant to the costume designer for a motion picture that was shooting in the city today, and he was buying wardrobe for the extras. It was only after the cashier had completely rung up his purchases that he informed her that he had to do several smaller purchases, as he couldn't turn in any single receipts over $400. What was he thinking? Why not bring that up at the beginning? Why not ask for intermittent totals? He wasn't on the phone, or otherwise distracted, he watched her total the coats. I'd love to have been able to get into his mind, or the mind of the cashier who had to void the sale, and start over, or the mind of the woman behind me, who was much more vocal about the displeasure that waiting was causing her.

After what felt like a highly successful date on Saturday I'm wondering what may be going through his head as well. Planner and I had more in common, and a better physical chemistry than anyone I've dated in a while, but here I sit with an unanswered email, and an unreturned phone call as my only souvenirs 5 days later. What is he thinking? Was I wrong about the chemistry? Was that kiss more about the beer than the emotion? Did his friends we bumped into not like me? is he just busy at work?

Every interaction we have with each other leaves questions like this on some level. Did they really like the gift? Was did he really have an appointment or was he just in a hurry to leave? Was the opinion they shared about your work genuine, or sugar coated? Why didn't they move when they clearly saw you trying to squeeze past with that large package?

The mystery of human interaction is... annoying.

And... oh yeah... BOYS SUCK.

8 Response to "I Really Need Telepathy"

  • Southern Bird Says:

    Yes i know what you mean.
    I'm currently left wondering whether the man who is the father of my kids, and is coming to pick them up for a visit in an hour or two, actually wants to try again with our relationship, or just wants some sex.
    I wish i could see inside his head and know his intentions. Did he learn his lesson? Has he learned to value me and his children above his work and going out drinking with the lads and money?
    Am i worth it?

    Other people are pants.

  • michelle Says:

    sweetheart, love of my life...please do not let this boy get you down. now for the truth friend...do you find it troubling that one of your questions is "Was that kiss more about the beer than the emotion?" wasn't it you who was freaked out about architect man drinking wine on your date? if you think other people are a mystery, may i just say that you, too, are an enigma. now, COME VISIT ME SO WE CAN GO TO IKEA, SPEND LOTS OF MONEY WE SHOULDN'T, CUDDLE UNDER BLANKETS, WATCH LOVE ACTUALLY AND EAT LOTS OF CHICKEN SAAG FROM THE INDIAN PLACE IN TOWN!!!!

  • Cully Says:

    Architect managed to drink far too much over the course of an hour and a half long dinner. Planner drank too much over the course of 7 hours, which included running into old college friends in a bar. Is there a difference? I dunno.

    It probably comes down to the fact that I like Planner better than Architect, so I can forgive him more. Architect's drinking was part of a list of things that probably wouldn't have worked between us. Planner's was the whole list.

  • michelle Says:

    it's so interesting, considering that they both wanted to spend the night with you and both kissed on the first date. don't you find the similarities odd? nice how you avoided the whole "when ya gonna visit" thing. (insert sarcastic southern voice with batting eyes here) it's okay...i love you, too.

  • Cully Says:

    Planner didn't actually ASK me to spend the night, I just said that I probably could have, given his condition, and our... interaction. Architect's kiss was very brief and relatively tame in comparison BTW.

    I just realized that after Tuesday I am basically unemployed again, besides the Ad agency gig I have no shows underway after that, so what is next weekend looking like?

  • michelle Says:

    friday eve is opening night...i'm free after the curtain goes up. i have a board meeting from 1-3 on saturday and i'm free on sunday. just let me know.

  • Anonymous Says:

    I avoid people as much as possible, because I learned long ago that they do suck.

  • G-Man Says:

    That always reminds me of the simple bumper sticker I always seem to see: "Mean people suck."

    Yeah, sometimes ppl are just f-in idiots.