My Future, Decided

As of today I am officially returning the to summer stock where I worked last year. This was a hard decision for me. I've spent the past few weeks looking for other summer work, to not much avail. I've had three other offers, all of which were laughable at best, one of which was downright insulting.

I've waffled a bit about whether or not I'm excited about returning. At times it seems like a really good idea, and the thought of a relatively peaceful summer in the woods makes me happy. On the down side I had been very excited by the idea that 7 or 8 of my favorites from last year were returning. Now most them are not. In fact only two for sure at this point, but possibly two more. I was particularly excited by the idea of these folk returning because I think that this particular theatre has a learning curve of sorts, and if we had all already been through the curve, then this season would be even smoother and better produced. Now I am faced with the prospect of an entirely new crew producing my sets. Somehow that seemed like less of an issue when I was new myself.

Regardless, how I will spend the three summer months of this year have been decided at this point. Back to the woods for me!

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