Subway Sketches Part CI

6 Response to "Subway Sketches Part CI"

  • Lin Says:

    I have run out of superlatives, Cully -- each subway sketch is more and more incredibly GORGEOUS!

  • Terri Says:

    I really like this one. By adding the people in the background, you've been able to add another dimension to the drawing in so many ways. Obviously there is more depth from a visual perspective, but it also shows how each subject fits into their surroundings and so their body posture, expression, clothing etc tells a fuller story.

  • Cully Says:

    Terri, I was very happy with this drawing as well. I don't often have the time to get into this much detail in my drawings. This was a particularly long train ride, which allowed me some extra time to get more detail in. I'd like to include more in all of them, but the transient nature of my subjects often prevents it.

  • Freya Says:

    Sorry, hey, I just have to be honest.
    I don't like these sketches, it's so much comic style. Don't be angry, but they all look the same!

    Lg, Freya

  • Cully Says:

    To each their own Freya, I certainly do have a comic book influence, so if that isn't to your liking then I can understand why you wouldn't like my work.